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A blog!

Yes I know, blogging is so last year (or maybe last decade) and people don’t take time to read long posts any more, let alone write them. But I needed a place to keep my thoughts and my small projects progresses, and with Jekyll I could even write them from the comfort of vim. So here is my development blog, or maybe will it become a blog full stop, we will see.

I already use Jekyll for the glogg website and it is a fantastic, very lightweight tool. Once set up (barely a 15 minutes process), reduces blogging to pumping some Markdown into git using your favourite editor, probably the lowest barrier of entry any hacker would dream of.

Combined with this slick and slightly retro theme called Harmony (thanks Gayan for your work, and taste), I have found a worthy replacement to my old notebook. And who knows, something in there might even be interesting to someone?

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