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Profiling glogg's search

After a post introducing the two main families of profiling tools. We are back trying to optimise glogg and particularly its search.

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A Short Profiling Primer

In my previous post, we got interested in the performances of glogg. To analyse them in more details, we need some tools, so here is a short introduction to a few common profiling tools. In a future post, we will then come back to glogg to see how to get useful results from them.

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Optimising glogg

glogg has been around for quite a few years now (five to be exact) and the code that reads the file from disk and passes it up to the UI has remained mostly untouched since the very first commit. I have always known it was a bit of a clunky hack that would need some attention sometime but hey if it ain’t broke

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A blog!

Yes I know, blogging is so last year (or maybe last decade) and people don’t take time to read long posts any more, let alone write them. But I needed a place to keep my thoughts and my small projects progresses, and with Jekyll I could even write them from the comfort of vim. So here is my development blog, or maybe will it become a blog full stop, we will see.

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